New In my Closet :)

Hey, Lovebugs :)

Today Is Saturday almost evening already. Time flies so fast that I can't even do  anything properly in time. And few days Ago my feet slipped & I bought few new things :) soooo in ❤ with all of them! 
Ok magazines are random thing but still I got all of this the same day :) 

Bershka - Grey & black panther sweater
Book Sculpting Basics  - as My first degree is Decorative Form designer then I already have quite a big experience with modelling & moulding but still it is good to have this kind of book at home. As I hope that there will be a day when I will Study in USA  Special effects :)

H&M beige shoes with neon Pink -  can't wait for spring to wear them :) Love the contrast between colours.

 & Zara Black studded Boots  simple yet so chic

Nothing Much... fortunately :) Some of my previous  purchases has slipped unshowed but Still you will be able to see them in Outfit posts :) 
 Time to get back working on my exams outfit that I started on yesterdays everything, have a wonderful Saturday night sweets ♥♥

5 komentāri:

  1. H&M kurpes ❤! Jau sajūtu gaisā pavasari :)

  2. I love all the purchases mostly the sweater and shoes, I am your new follower via gfc, facebook and twitter, take a look at my blog too and feel free to comment or follow if you like it, xoxo

  3. Tās H&M kurpītes tiešām skaistas, uzreiz iekrita acīs! :)

  4. Es H&M nopirku spilgti rozā balerīnkurpes un nevaru vien sagaidīt pavasari :)

  5. jā tās H&M kurpes ir vienkārši Bomba ;) pavasarii - kur tu esi?? :)