Simple Sunny Day

Hi sweetnesses!

After two days of working YesterdayI  had a very nice and relaxing evening with my friend at her place. She made a perfect tomato soup for a diner and together with white wine it was perfect! Today I will show you just a simple outfit for a simple day :) 

I was wearing : H&M - grey jacket, Zara - blouse, Bik Bok - green jeans, Moon Boots, Michael Kors- watch, Ebay bracelet, BCBG generation - bracelet, Necklace- hand made, Earrings - Lindex

As you can see trough windows it is still winter outside- brrr.. cold winter - so no high heels! And on the days when I have no appointments, no work or meetings I sometimes just grab something out of my closet and wear it. without standing in front of the mirror and deciding weather this or that blouse will go better with the rest of the outfit :)

How long time does it takes to You to find what you will wear ? Is it really quick or You can spent quite a long time deciding what it will be? :)

Hope you had a good weekend cause here in Riga weather was absolutely amazing & sunny!

2 komentāri:

  1. Well, I have to say you look stunny as always and it doesnt seem at all that you "grabbed something out of your closet" :)
    Anyway, for me it depends on my mood, on my feminine mood for that particularly day. So it could be 5 minutes, 15 minutes or "no, today i am staying in" :)

    Greetings from runny nose friend! :* and gave a nice day, sweetheart!

  2. :* :* :* everything is said ;)