Spring Bubble [Outfit]

Hey Sunshine! 

Today again fashion Post :) As Sun is shining more often,  I like to switch on my Camera and take some photos. As well last few days I was surfing trough the web searching for my new spring wardrobe. And I thought that I should share my favourite shopping sites with you as well. I like to find something interesting but not too expensive. As well on Yoox you can find designer clothes not the latest collections but still some good pieces for good prices! And I quite like that I have to wait for my purchased things it feels like they have more value than the ones you just get in store. ( maybe it is like that just for me).
 So my top Sites are:

These are  the sites that I usually check for upgrading my wardrobe. Love those affordable prices. Most of the sites offers free shipping and the only site that makes the shopping tricky is Storets.com cause all my purchases goes trough the customs and I have to pay extra duty. By the way do you have Your favourite sites where to shop & find something unique ? I would love to hear that from you! :) 

I was wearing: 
Zara- boots, jacket, ASOS- cape, Guess- jeans, t-shirt, New Look- rings, Michael Kors- watch.

By the way for Local girls I would like to share some news with U! Make-up festival has already started but still You have plenty of time to attend this event! free make-ups, hairstyles, manicures..  good prices and amazing discounts for make-up & other beauty products! You can meet me every single time with Christian semi permanent eyebrows & on 2nd of March In Alfa Kolonna store as well with Nouba - I will do Make-ups!! Come & enjoy these amazing events with photographers, glass of champagne and very feminine treats! 

Hope to see you during the Make-up festival!
& Wish You a fab day!!! 

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  1. make-up festival..now that is soemthing I like..wish I could go!


  2. Hey Laura !!!

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  3. ..lielisks outfit un loti patik zabacini ..gaidam pavasari ;)