L'Oreal CC cream

Hey, Superstars!

We have all heard and tried BB Creams since their lunch in 2011 but, have you heard of CC Creams?

They're the next skincare product. CC stands for colour correction, colour control or complexion corrector. They have all the active ingredients and benefits that BB creams offered plus evening skin tone in order to maintain the radiance and glow that skin loses over time because of age or enviromental factors ( sun, pollution )

L'Oreal ones you will be able to find in stores really soon ( only 2 shades) but there are in total 3 different CC Creams to target 3 different colours issues! We will be able to buy CC cream Anti -Dullness ( i have this one) and second one will be CC Anti Redness!

I love the feeling on my face, I like the finish and if I use base or cream underneath it it doesn't make my skin dryer! All my friends who tired this said they really like it! I should say you have to give this a try! :)

In Latvia- price: 7.99 Ls 30ml

What do you think? Have you heard of CC Creams before? Would you give them a try?

Happy Easter weekend! Wishing everyone a wonderful & bunny-chic holiday

2 komentāri:

  1. Wow thanks for swatching that, the BB Cream is a great product I wonder how they came up with the CC Cream!

  2. I just bought the Urban Decay BB Cream..cuz I like it as a primer...usually I don´t believe in the effects of BB and CC creams, as I personally think it´s just a tinted moisturizer with spf...but I do have to say, some and also the Loreal ones do some good in order to balance out skin tone and maybe add some spf which is always good! Loreal sure has one of the better BB creams out there..not sure if CC willd do any good..next month they probably come up with DD cream or FF creams...