BB cream Vs CC cream

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Today I will do kind a battle post! I will be just compearing two similar products BB cream that we already know for a year or more and CC cream that is a new product in this light tinting cream line!

   Both products are from L'Oreal line! Products are multitaskers!

So if we Compare these two products where is the difference? Last season, the must-have product on every beauty editor’s desk was BB cream what about now? Now, we’ve gotten word that CC Cream (a.k.a. color or complexion correction cream), is the latest beauty wonderkid! Both ( BB & CC gives natural and light finish to the face so why we need both or wich one we should or shouldnt choose to use?

BB cream :                                  CC cream:
5 In 1                                            6 In 1
Gives skin:                                    Gives skin:
Even ( nude)                                    Nude look
               flawless                                   Lightweight coverage
                          dewy glow.                       neutralise the appearance of redne
      24 hours hydration.                     Buiduble coverage
            SPF 12.                                    24 hours hydration

Unlike semi-sheer BB cream formulations, “CC creams give more full, foundation- like coverage but feel like you’re wearing something very light. So a tinted moisturizer or BB cream is great for everyday across all age groups but if you have acne, dark spots or dull skin, a CC cream may be more up your alley!
The verdict: If you have fairly normal skin, BB cream is for you. If you are looking to correct your complexion and get a little extra coverage, you’ll love CC creams!

What do you think- should there be only one product that does it all or it is ok to have two similar products with just a little difference?

More detailed info about CC creams you can read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CC_cream

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  1. BB cream was just introduced here in India. But reading your description, I think I am going to love CC cream more. Waiting for its launch.

    A very informative post. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for connecting via IFB. I am following you via Bloglovin and facebook now.

    It would be lovely if you would swing by my blog too.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent