Sunday Blues [OUTFIT]

Hi lovelies♥ 
It is still so much snow outside, that I seriously needed to dress up in a happy colors just to get in my normal happy mood. It is quite cold out side and it’s amazing what happy colors can do to your mood though, especially neon ones. I dressed up in so light  and bright colors to go out for a walk with my fiend. That's why I am having big rubber boots - so my feet stays warm :)
Most of the time I choose clothes what to wear just depending on my mood. This one definitely was chosen by my happy mood! 

 Coat- Dorothy Perkins, Zara- jeans, Bershka- blouse, Versace for H&M - bomber jacket, New Look- bag,  
Moov boot - rubber boots, Prada- Sunglasses & noname gloves! 

For some time I've been buying only things that makes me say oh, I do need this & now. So every peace I own I couldn't throw out or give away. How do you chose what to buy and what to wear?
I buy what makes my heart to stop & I wear how I feel. Huh could this be a reasonable answer from me? 

Now I am off to a meeting. Will talk about one collaboration! Will see how it goes ( I hope for the best)  
Oh, & I have so many new things coming up to share with you guys. Summer and warm time will be way more interesting & fun than winter time. 

Wishing everyone a fabulous day ♥

6 komentāri:

  1. You look like a clown

    1. Lovely to hear that :) tastes are different ;)

  2. I love your hair <3 Fab outfit!

  3. I love how you're not afraid of wearing colour even throughout the winter season :)


  4. Beautiful outfit, I really like your blog.


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