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Good morning sweetiepies! 

I will start with: Hey spring, I'm happy you're officially here but it's still cold! What the heck? And as much as I love my my ASOS cape I'm very tired of wearing it. Although I have been trying to pretend it's warm(ish) by wearing spring-ier hues this week for positive sunshine vibes (greens & blues in particular has been a go-to, obviously).

And two days ago I was wondering around the city and went to see what's new in H&M store  &
SPOT ON! I got  a prefect white tank top ( for no money at all) that I was looking for.
I will do a series of posts about MUST in your wardrobe from Parisian Chic book.
I read it a while ago and I absolutely love all those tips written about fashion & style. They really are  amazing so I want to share. :) and ofcourse as I am jewellery freak - I got myself a new ring & a statement necklace!  In total 3 new items.

White tank top
Ring & Statement necklace

& One Instagram picture with my new Tank top & necklace :) 
My instagram laura_valuta or you can check all my photos as well HERE

What do You think are these good pieces or no? 

And today I am heading to Liepāja - two days I will be working there in Kolonna make-up festival! I love that city & I hope I will have a perfect time there.

Wishing everyone a fab day♥

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