L'Oreal Color Riche Neon Nail polishes!

Hey, Loves!

Today i'm giving you spring :) spring in colors! What colors? Light, clean, joyful, happy- Neon! Thses are the colors that L'Oreal offers this spring! As I have gel nails I don't use nail polishes at all! I tried out thses colors and I maybe won't be able to answer the most important things that you would like to know! My favorite ones are pink, purple and mint ( Flashing Lillac, Acid watermelon & wasabi hint) Even if I don't know how to paint my nails correctly I can say that If you do 2 coats then you will get very very nice color and even coverage. I don' t have any pictures of how they look on my nails- Cause- im THAT bad in doing my nails that I couldn't force my self to take pictures of such an awful manicure. :D

So there are 8 shades:
825 - Energetic Tangerine
826 - Punchy Lychee
827 - Acid Watermelon :) Love
828 - Flashing Lilac :) Love
829 - Atomic Purple
831 - Fluo Azur ( nice when aplplied 2 coats )
833 - Wasabi Hint ( bad brush - my bittle, thick texture :( )
834 - Banana Pop

 my favourites: with 1 coat from left to right.

my favourites: with 2 coats from left to right

And in the last picture there are as well 2 new products I got for my beauty case! As Maybelline BB cream is for oily skin I think it will dry out my( desert kind a like)  skin even more ! But will see! :) and Garnier cleanser -  has a gel consistancy - I'm really keen to see what it does :)

Have you tried and do you like these shades? 
I think if they are called NEON they should be more pigmented and brighter but most of them are closer to pastels than Neon! overall these nail polishes are nice but If I tried out one shade I would not buy agin. Therefore I would really like to hear opinion from Girls who really uses nail polishes every day - Your opinion would be way more helpful than mine! :) 

Wish You a Sunny, warm and Fab day loves!!! 


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