Hey, my dear readers! 
Today I would like to share with you some news, I just realized that I haven't told you something! 
I' ve been working already for second month in INGLOT store :)) oh, I am sooo happy about that! 
So, if what You are very welcome to come and have a chat or get some advice about the products! 
There are so many many things that I want to buy, but at the moment I've been saving all my money for London! By the way Now I am in the airport on my way to go there. This will be third time when I will  go and have a blast at IMATS show- do you know what it is? I've have told you about this last year as well! That is an International make-up artists trade show. Many brands, many work shops and competitions.
So if you're interested to know what is happening in London feel free to follow me on Instagram @laura_valuta. I will definitely share some photos there! 
But even if I was saving all my money to spend it in London - I still bought some very very necessary things that I needed for work. 
So I bought new cape- to protect my clients from getting dirty.
Brush cleanser, mattifiying powder, and light color eyeshadows. 
If you are interested in any rewievs , please let me know! 

Have you been to Inglot store in Riga Plaza shopping mall already? Do you like INGLOT products and maybe you have your favorite ones already? 

Ok, im boarding for a flight and see you soon, with a story about my days in London!
Wish you a fun holidays & Līgo (this is more for Latvians) 
Tons of hugs, 


2 komentāri:

  1. Lieliska ideja, ko katram vīrietim dāvināt savai dāmai :)

  2. Nekad nav sanācis izmēģināt inglot, laikam jāpamēģina :)