2012 TOP Beauty Products

Hi loves :)
 I’m having such a hectic days since I got back from Canada... I have to go to school, to work, I treat my self with manicures, after sports camp, and I am trying to find time to get ready for Saturday when I will celebrate my Birthday! It was already on 4th of January BUT as I was in Canada and in small Town It didn't felt as my Birthday as much as I wanted. So I am throwing small gathering at my Parents House. This is going to be messy :D And I Still need to find what kind of snacks I could do.. Maybe you have some recipes that are easy and they can be made fast? If you have please put them down in comment section - I will really appreciate that.

    But today I would like to finally show my Beauty product Top of 2012 . This is First of 3 posts - will follow Hair top products & Make-up top products :) 

I didn't do like 10, 5 or whatever top I just want to show products I loved through out the year.

1. Estelinas Spa Collections- Hand cream. ( if you have a chance to get it - do it! Dry hands will love it) 
2. Lancaster Tan Maximizer  ( this product is in my top for years - during the summer and vacations always with me) 
3. Avon Naturals body spray - ( I have like 5 different scents - during Hot summer always in my bag to refresh my self with cool mist )
4. Mica Bella Face Toner - (keeps my skin clean all the time ) If you have sensitive skin won't suit you - Bites a bit.
5. Avon Solutions Body Cellul sculpt. ( I like how soft and nice my skin is on my legs and ass after using this product) 
6. St. Tropez - self tan ( I use this already 4 years- gives perfect, even and natural sun tan) 
7. Avon Skin So soft body oil  ( I like that it drys really quickly & moisturises skin really good)  
8. Stenders Eye Balm (As make-up on my eyes is every single day I try to treat skin around my eyes good. This natural eye balm is light and without chemicals.
9. My favourite Perfume this year - still YSL baby doll :) But as I am perfume freek I love Galliano perfums, Hermes , Gucci, Juicy Couture and I could go on and on :D
10 product I don't have at home ( I have to buy it again) Is PUPA reshaping oxygen salt scrub
(J'adore that one - but as people talk Collistars salt scrub has to be tried out as well :) 

And so you Don't forget how I look this is ME today with my orange lips :) 

Wish you a Fab  day tomorrow! I hope I will have one as well - Cause I will change my Hairstyle & colour! ( If even it will be possible :D ) Instagram Followers will be first to know whats going on I guess. 
Lots of love Angels ;) 

4 komentāri:

  1. Ļooti skaistas uzacis Tev ;)

  2. Varu ieteikt uzkodu, kas visiem parasti ļoti garšo. :)
    Tātad, nepieciešami vidēja lieluma šampinjoni.Tiem izņem kātiņus un sapilda ar sarīvētu sieru, kas sajaukts ar majonēzi un šķiņķi, kas sagriezts mini gabaliņos. Tam visam pa virsu uzliek vēl vienu mini šķiņķa šķēlīti. Šādus sapildītus šampinjonus liek cepeškrāsnī, kamēr tie ir nedaudz apcepušies. Tas arī viss. Pilnīgi pašai tagad sagribējās :D

    Vai to Lancaster iedeguma palielinātāju var iegādāties kaut kur Latvijā?

    1. Uhh, paldis par uzkodu ieteikumu ;) izklausās yumm !

      Lancaster noteikti ir Stockmann un šķiet Douglas vai Kristianā arī ir :)

  3. St. Tropez, favorite of mine too!!