Top Hair products 2012

Hello Sweeties ;)
OMG. There are no other words to describe my current schedule and my daily routine. It has been crazy and still is! I have so many Blog posts to show you, but I can't find free time to do that. :( Sad for me and maybe for you too. But I hope after 17th January when My Best friend will leave this Snowy country Latvia to go Back to UK .. then at least I will find a time to Update you with all news!

Today I will show you hair products that I used the most on my self during 2012 and I really liked them. 

* I totally Love Lable.m Organic Shampoo & Conditioner with these my hair are so silky and nice.
*After washing my hair I use Avon Advanced Techniques 360 nourishment leave in treatment with Maoroccan Argan oil.
*As I straighten my hair every day I use Schwartzkopf Got2b Straight on 4 days - like it a lot but I want to try one other product from Goldwell  called Satin Guard  72h protection I would like to believe it is enough to keep my hair straight for more than just a day. 
*Then I use Avon Advanced Techniques Dry end serum - love it!!! 
*And if I do curls then I always use Schwarzkopf Got2b Rockin'it hairspray 

I really try to take care of my Hair really well cause I flatiron them almost every day and it is essential for me to use goof hair masks, shampoos and other products that moisturises and softens my hair.

Girlies with straight hair- how do you keep your hair healthy? Do you have special (magical) products? ;)
Wishing You a Fab Night! 

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  1. Nice! I always wanted to take a closer look at got2b...I guess, I really should...


  2. Hey, I have the Got2Be straightening mist too, I wonder if your's has a strong scent of alcohol too or is just mine weird like that?

    1. Yes, there is such a problem. while it is wet it is possible to feel alcohol. But I guess all these kind of products has it? Or maybe not. Has to check more products!

    2. Thanks for the answer, I thought for the longest time that it's just me and my imagination :)!