The Neon Beanie

Hey, Beloved ones!

I do enjoy Fashion Weeks but when I'm asked where I get my style inspiration from it's never the catwalk... it's fun to watch but street style is so much more inspirational. I love people-watching - they are way more creative and original. For some time I hated hats but now I am back with wearing them in all kind of ways: with dresses, heels, boots or what ever! When I first saw this beanie I was like: I love the colour, I love the tight fit - I need it! and only when I got it I started to think where & how I will wear it! I like to buy clothes and accessories spontaneously - those are always the best purchases. Ok enough about hats, shopping and so on -I Better will Show you my neon beanie spring look! :)

Bershka- sneakers, blouse, Versace for H&M -leggings,  H&M-Beanie,  Cotton- vest, 
Zara- belt, Charles&Keith- Bag, Dorothy Perkins - coat 

What do you think about this look? I would like to hear your thoughts! 

Wishing everyone a lovely day ♥

4 komentāri:

  1. ļoti pavasarīgi! tikai temperatūra ārā nav diez ko pavasarīga :) ļoti patīk mētelis un legingi :)

    1. mētelis jau drīz varēs saukties VINTAGE :) nopirku pirms gadiem 4tirem anglijā- Un vēl joprojām ir modē ;) Atmaksājies ar uzviju rēķinot ka nopirku pa 15 mārciņām uz atlaidēm :D

  2. Man patīk skatīties kā Tu savieno nesavienojamo! :)

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